Childhood Days

Jimmy Lee has led some sort of life! A country boy, he had a start in life few would have survived… Taken into care at 4 years old, by the time he was 9 he’d had ten homes and eleven schools.

Jimmy’s Father was ‘called up’ in 1942 and was to serve the next four years in one of the most bitter campaigns of WW2 as part of the ‘Forgotten Army’ in the jungles of Northern Burma. He would not return to England until Sept 1946. During that long absence things went ‘wrong’ for his Mother. Destitute, and shunned by her family, struggling to survive with her four children she abandoned her ‘youngest’ on a train with a note attached… ‘I have no money, please take care of him’. She was never to see him again. (Jimmy was to search for, and find him 42 years later.)

Jimmy and his elder brother, suffering from neglect and malnutrition, were taken into ‘care’ at a children’s home in Brighton and the nightmare of ‘childhood ruin’ began. As an infant, dominated by hardship and loneliness, music became a critical stone in the man. When singing in school and church choirs, he discovered that displays of emotion were not seen as a sign of weakness, so music and his abiding faith were to become, and still are, his salvation.

Song Samples

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