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Children ‘fledged’, responsibilities eased, and it was time to return to his first love – music – but this time to write and compose his very own style of music verse and lyrics brought to life by his incredibly talented ‘Edge of Chaos Orchestra’ and reflect upon a life full of twists and turns adventures and powerful emotions that run deep.

With nothing left to prove Jimmy sold his entire estate disposing of all of his material possessions that would not fit into his car and moved into a cabin by the river to contemplate, compose,write, perform and play his beloved guild guitar.

His first Album ‘The Ragamuffin’ is still receiving great reviews and airtime. The opening tracks ‘Lucy Cartwright’ is proving a popular song for performers and audiences throughout the club scene. Most of his songs are autobiographical and display an honesty that only a self-assured and unashamed person could reveal. His second Album ‘The Runaway’ is full of surprises, impossible to pigeon hole, moving from ballads to instrumentals and folk- rock and more. Some great tracks with great stories woven in beautiful melodies make this a truly memorable Album. ‘Hard Man’ is unforgettable and says an awful lot about this enigmatic singer songwriter.

To bring his music to life Jimmy has put together some of the finest musicians that he knows to form ‘The Edge of Chaos Orchestra’ combining classical and traditional instruments that sail through a challenging variety of genres. Jimmy acknowledges a huge debt of gratitude for their skill, perseverance and talent that shine on both albums and, more importantly, on stage!

His ‘life stories’ and the bands performance make it easy to understand where the emotion in this man and his music comes from…..

Song Samples

Listen to Absolution on SoundCloudAbsolutionSongography
Listen to Written in the Sand on SoundCloudWritten in the SandSongography