The Edge of Chaos Orchestra

Jimmy Lee and his group of musicians sail through an eclectic repertoire of original music from ballads to instrumentals, folk-rock and more. There are great stories told in lyrics woven in beautiful melodies and their live performances simply ‘creak’ with talent.

Frank Gutch Jnr. Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

To bring his music to life Jimmy has put together some of the finest musicians that he knows to form ‘The Edge of Chaos Orchestra’ combining classical and traditional instruments that sail through a challenging variety of genres. Jimmy acknowledges a huge debt of gratitude for their skill, perseverance and talent that shine on both albums and, more importantly, on stage!

Jimmy Lee – lead vocals, narration, guitar, banjo

Jim was lucky enough to be a small part of the embryonic folk scene in London in the sixties and cut his teeth alongside legendary artists, McTell, Aungier, Campbell , Brimstone, Silvo et al., and was greatly influenced by the heroes of the that time in both English and American Folk styles .......Over the years Jimmy has developed a style of music that is ' packed ' with emotion, played with a rare simplicity that only those with a ' gifted ' voice and a passion for music can achieve.......With a blend of Traditional, Contemporary, Alternative and Original material, a wealth of experience and great sense of humour, Jimmy is a welcomed guest wherever he goes.

Jon Wigg – fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, vocals

Music was always a part of family life for us Wiggs. The gramophone would be worked hard from dawn till dusk. My Dad would be out on some adventure playing music with my older brother, Ralph. Rehearsals would be held at our house. Banjo, Double bass, Guitars, Accordions, it all seemed quite normal to me when I was seven. Then we went to festivals and what a party we had. By now I played tin whistle. My dad, Stan had a ball now that jigs & reels were part of the wigg offering. My knees would tremble at those early gigs when I was nine.

Clare Juliet – piano, accordion

I played the piano from a very young age and when my mum brought an accordion home one day from a junk shop, I took to it quite naturally and could be relied upon to play jigs and reels and Happy Birthday invited or not at any occasion! My accordion playing moved on dramatically when I met and played along with some of the great musicians at the Blue Coconut Club. Soon after that I caught the infectious passion for White Mansions and, luckily for me, the accordion fits well into Paul Kennerley's music. I'm very excited to be part of Lee's Company and feel priveleged to play with such talented musicians. The live gigs are a wonderful contrast to my other passion - growing vegetables! Clare Juliet - accordion, vocals

Melanie Wells – cello

Melanie has always thrived on playing music with others, over the years she has played with various chamber ensembles and orchestras. She has fond memories of playing on tour with the West Sussex Youth Orchestra in Germany and Austria and in various music festivals. She once performed in a concert where the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were present. Melanie chose to pursue her love of music at Cardiff University, specialising in performance and composition and gained a BA Degree in Music. Whilst at university she played cello in the University Symphony Orchestra, Contemporary Music Ensemble and quartet. She was also a guest principal cellist in Cardiff University Baroque Orchestra, as well as local orchestras such as South Wales Symphonia, Llandaff Sinfonia and the Rhondda Symphony Orchestra. Melanie also received a master class from cellist Sharon McKinley.

Gary Holder – double bass

Gary now plays an old double bass c.1900 called Ms Polly, and has enjoyed walking out on many a stage with her, from small clubs out in the sticks to major venues such as London's South Bank Centre - Queen Elizabeth Hall & Purcell Room, plus Theatre & Arts Centre stages too, accompanying Martyn Wyndham-Read & Iris Bishop.

Gary has recently opened up a live music club, which is located at Coolham Village Hall in West Sussex. The club promotes top quality music comprising of concert nights & open mic nights. Gary's hero in bass playing is Herbie Flowers. Gary Holder