The Runaway Show

…A creative ‘genius’!…maverick magazine

‘Jimmy Lee’s songs and life story come together in a show, with Jimmy, his guitar, wonderful songs and narrative linked to projected images that give you a personal insight into one of the most incredible life stories you are ever likely to hear….’There are great stories told in lyrics woven in beautiful melodies.

‘Emotional and uplifting this highly entertaining show will transport you into his extraordinary world full of incredible twists and turns…’

Don’t miss this One !

Absolutely BRILLIANT!......  One of our best shows EVER!.... unusual, uplifting and highly entertaining!
S. Rolls-King .Underground Theatre Eastbourne
I can honestly say it is a true ‘masterpiece’ suited to large or small venues. Great stories, projected images and wonderful music.
Pete Heywood (Traditional Arts Development)

Featuring songs from The Ragamuffin & The Runaway

Listen to Written in the Sand on SoundCloudWritten in the SandSongography
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Listen to No Flowers for Geordie on SoundCloudNo Flowers for GeordieSongography
Listen to Escanaba on SoundCloudEscanabaSongography
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